They Drive You Wild

At LUXE Auto Spa, my place of work, we care for all types of vehicles, but the majority being higher end sport and luxury cars. Our showroom can help brighten any day with a Lexus LFA Nurburgring, Mercedes SLS AMG, Porsche 918 Spyder, and a custom built Chevrolet Corvette to stare at while working away all day! As much as I will always love and appreciate these fine types of vehicles, everyone always has the cars that drive them wild. The ones that distract you from traffic as they drive by you on the freeway, giving you such a sense of satisfaction, and planning out how your life would be if you owned one. For some people, it is a Ford Raptor, it could be a Lexus RC F, maybe a stanced GLI, or even the super cars we at LUXE see on a daily basis. Every one has that car that makes them tick. 

For me, there are definitely a few vastly different cars that know how to push all my right buttons. Pretty much when I see any Evo (since I hardly ever see them), an e90 BMW M3, a 240sx that looks like it likes to slide around, 100% of Ford Raptors, and pretty much any lifted properly stanced truck (which in the state of Utah, is almost every other vehicle on the road!)

One of these trucks is a local fabricator (@metaluum) doing some work for us at the shop.


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