Timing Troubles

As of January 29, 2018, I have officially owned my white Evo for 4 adventurous years! It has been a fun ride and other than a few driver errors, the Evo has never given me a mechanical problem. However, the past year and a half it has been my only car and with as much as I drive, I have put a LOT of miles on it. Since I moved to Utah alone, which is slightly over a year now, I have put 32,000 miles on it. It was bound to have something go wrong and it finally did, but not what I would have thought would go wrong.

When I rebuilt the motor before moving out here, everything was replaced since the motor was out of the car, including all of the timing components. 

When I go to start the car to head over to my work one Saturday morning for an event we were hosting, the car had issues starting but it finally turned over, and threw a check engine light as soon as it did. It sounded fine and the light was solid so I headed out to work where I would also check on the light. 

The light was on for the crank and cam sensors, which also caused the car not to start again. (Thankfully my boss allowed me to borrow our shop van for the meantime!) 

Thinking it wasn't a huge issue, two weeks later I tore the timing apart to replace the crank sensor only to find my timing tensioner had failed and the motor had slipped timing.

Now, since my work isn't the place to perform in depth mechanical work and my rental apartment won't allow this type of work either, my Evo is at a local shop and getting the head torn off to be rebuilt.. again. 

Instead of continuing to borrow our creeper (shop) van, I may have done something that allowed me to check off a long term goal! Stay tuned!

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