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Car show season is in full swing as we dive deeper into longer days and warmer weather! The car community here in Salt Lake City is an odd one that even being here for more than a year now I can't quite put my finger on as to why. Lol. I have been told, the two car shows I have recently attended are some of the nicer ones here in SLC.

Import Spring Showoff was held at the track this year, which in my opinion, was GENIUS. Our local track is max an hour away to those even in the southern space of SLC, so it isn't much of a commute to arrive to. ISS took over the Utah Motorsport Campus massive parking lot, as NASA took over the garages and paddocks for an Open Track Day. Both NASA and some local drifters were giving ride alongs for most of the day and there were numerous food trucks available so there was no lack of entertainment or grub!




See the full album for ISS here!

Stance-Con was held at our local Expo center. Hosting an event indoors was a welcoming change to other mid-day harsh lighting events, lol. I had expected a tad more from this event. Back in central PA, we had a similar event, Motorama, held at the Farm Show Complex, and it takes over the ENTIRE BUILDING. This event was limited to one room, which was rather small, and on top of that there was a full row of cars missing (i'm assuming due to builds not being completed.) 
Overall, it was a good event, well put together, and had some quality all around builds in attendance, but for the lack of cars and higher attendance fee, I would like to see the event grow larger next year.

See the full album for Stance-Con here!

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