The Need 2 Drive

I have been a little m.i.a. so here is a recap of the last few months

  • My green Chevy got totaled by a Mustang on the highway
  • I bought a '00 Chevy Silverado 
  • My Evo jumped timing, so I had the head pulled and fixed
  • Now I find out the Evo has low compression in Cylinder 4 due to a cracked piston
I really can't seem to catch a break with the Evo lately, and it seems as I will be missing this season with the car. Thankfully, working at LUXE Auto Spa has opened the door to meeting new people who have some pretty cool cars.

One of our good friends founded Need2Drive, which is a group of local enthusiasts who own high end sports cars and enjoy some spirited driving! Last weekend was the second time I went out with the group and they do not fail to bring the adrenaline!



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