Autorama Salt Lake Style

Autorama back east was always the show to have your build done by. Everyone looked forward to as a time to check out everyone's winter projects and hang out with friends. Every year it also snowed for the event lol.

I decided to check out what the Salt Lake Autorama had to offer this year. With the rest of the car scene in Utah, I was slightly disappointed. The show only spanned across one of the larger rooms in our local Expo Center and mostly hosted the muscle or classic car fan. It was great seeing these builds, dont get me wrong, they were awesome! However there were maybe 2 or 3 tuners, where back east we would take up half to a whole room itself. I wasn't expecting a ton of more modern builds but definitely was hoping for more than I received. 

However, like I said, what I did see was awesome stuff, just of a different genre!


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