A Love of Silver

Silver cars used to be boring to me. I never used to notice them and thought of it more as a business man's choice of car color. That is until I owned one. My '06 BMW 330i came in Titanium Silver Metallic. I learned then that yes, some silvers fall on their face and lack  pizazz, but BMW knows how to do Silver. 

Silver cars at that time started popping up on my radar and when Jon at Vizual Lab asked me to shoot his Audi R8, it was no exception. 

I hadn't seen the car prior, I just knew he recently lowered it, a bit too much, and wanted some content before raising the vehicle up a bit. 

Maybe being a photographer made me fall in love with the color more, as I find it is the best color at eccentuating body lines and I often find it fun to photographic in harsh lighting, (let photographer cringing begin.)

Recently, lowered on a custom set of Rotiform wheels with some added growl to the V8 from a recently installed exhaust, this R8 was very photogenic. Not knowing the area and obviously not wanting to drive very far from the R8's home, we were lucky enough to find a couple neat locations that Jon was brave enough to drag the R8 to, quite literally. 

Enjoy :)

Thanks for viewing!


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