Track Driven

I will get to the track this year, whether it is with my camera or with my car. I said this, this statement came out of my mouth earlier this year. The Evo was supposed to be back up and running in April. APRIL! It is now near the end of August and still no Evo or even a completion date. Obviously, taking the Evo to the track this year doesn't have the best odds.

It became one of my long term photography goals of mine to shoot a Formula 1 race earlier this year when I first started watching Formula 1. (It was also a goal of mine to watch a season start to finish and really get into it. So far so good.) I started thinking about how these photographers I follow that get to shoot these races and how they got there. I am sure experience shooting motorsport events helps. 

Thus, here I am. I reached out to the right people who were able to get me media credentials to the NASA Round 5 and the 6 Hours of Utah endurance race. Being my first road coarse race that I have shot, I checked out what other local photographers capture from these events and even getting some great insight from a friendly photographer. While I feel a lot of photographers keep their photos natural and almost safe, I decided to keep my style with these. I hope you like them!

Thanks for viewing!


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